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Sim4SEEd's goal is to create an integrated approach and an environment to make software practices, methods and processes more accessible to students of software engineering (SE). We enhance software engineering education and are focussed on one of those knowledge areas, which is less intuitively accessible and less suited to be taught by "traditional" instruction methods alone. Simulation, Digital Game-Based Learning and SEMAT Essence are important building blocks of this approach.

Having students and lecturers in mind, Sim4SEEd utilizes synergies with industry efforts to unify the description and communication of SE practices, methods and processes, provides opportunities and triggers for social interaction of students and lecturers and fosters transferability of acquired knowledge. If you are interested in more details about the project, please have a look at the publications and get in contact with us.

Tools & Games
developed in the Sim4SEEd project


University of Applied Sciences Stralsund
FB ETI, Institute for Applied Computer Science
Jöran Pieper
Zur Schwedenschanze 15
18435 Stralsund

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